PureForce 4th Anniversary
Date: 2019-07-30
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July 29, 2019 was the 4th anniversary of PureForce, during which the employees shared their feelings in the party.


Four-year-old is probably just a start of a life, however, it has already been one of matured companies in Chinese marine Continous Emission Monitoring System industries.  In the past four years, the scientific and technical staffs have paid much to the design, research and development of the products which have got several national patents and recognized by international Classification Societies as the first batch in China.  Nowadays, PureForce007 have been sold to worldwide with high international reputation for the technical supports.

Just like the company’s Logo of green eye staring at the ship with exhaust gas, PureForce are watching blue oceans and green lands with clean air; we believe, you are also watching the Chinese enterprise growing year by year, marching step by step to the beautiful future…